2020 Might Have Won, and 2021 has Just Begun

A friend of mine is an expert in emotional relevance. His name is Alon Zaibert and he writes a terrific blog. In a blog that he wrote just before Christmas, Alon visits the topic of identifying and embracing the struggles we all face.

“It is clear we want to believe those who are sharing with us their personal story as in our core, we are good. We root for the hero who struggled and came out victorious. We relate to them because we struggle as well. And when we see someone who has done it, like us, we relate to them. We cheer for their achievements as if they are our own. But it seems that most of us use others’ victories as another excuse to stay stagnant. To not go ahead with their own desires and wishes. It is the struggle ahead that scares most of us.”

Alon Zaibert

As I read his blog, I thought about the year that has passed, and the lingering impact and effect that the year has left us with. For many of us, it is that the year 2020 had won, as we lost people, jobs, businesses, and for some of us, we lost hope. Yet it is also true that 2021 has just begun. We are still facing overwhelming uncertainty, still grieving, worried, and wondering. The struggle is real, and I do not want to diminish the reality of that…

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