Hope and Encouragement, Love and Forgiveness

Recently I was asked about some of the best advice I have received over my career. As I considered my response, I thought about some of the great business minds and strategists who provided guidance. I paused for a moment before answering the question. I wanted to make sure that my answer would reflect how I chose to live my life.

The answer I gave was this,

“The best advice I have received is to provide hope and encouragement to all and to offer unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone.”

This was a business interview, and I could tell that the gentleman who asked the question was caught off guard. My instinct was right because he tried to clarify that his question was more about business advice and not personal advice.

Pausing one more time, I thought about the response I had provided, “Provide others with hope and encouragement and live with unconditional love and forgiveness.” There was a pause on his end, so I asked if I could clarify what I meant and why I believe it was still the best advice I had ever been given personally, professionally, and spiritually. His response came quickly, “Yes, please connect the dots for me...”

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