Rules and Roles in an Ever-Changing Game

If the game itself isn’t changing, the rules often do. Sometimes, any change to the rules could make the game harder to play and challenging to follow. We see penalties assessed and wonder why. Or we see very clear infractions, with no penalty called.

There are the games, and then there is gamesmanship, and the difference between the two will often determine the outcome. Some of us love games, many referring to ourselves as “Gamers.” And then there are those who prefer some other type of entertainment or activity, the “non-Gamers.”

There are some games where the rules have remained hard and fast since the game was invented. And then there are those other games being played where the rules change every so often. In the interest of creating a better experience, the rules change so that the game becomes faster, more exciting, or more challenging, all to generate greater interest. The rules of the game may also change as technology advances. When this happens the powers that be try and level the playing field by changing the rules.

Although many of us have learned to gamify our work and our activities so that we can stay interested, stretch ourselves, and perform at a higher level, not everyone looks at life as a game. And with everything that is happening in the world right now, it is easy to understand why…

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