The Power of Accountability

Accountability is one of those words that gets a lot of attention, however it also receives a fair amount of avoidance. I mean it’s great when we can hold others accountable for doing what they say they will do and then actually getting it done; but when it’s time for others to hold us accountable, well, let’s just slow down a bit and talk this whole thing over.

Accountable? I don’t need anyone holding me accountable.

It does seem like there is a lot of conversation these days about accountability. We hear things like, “Why isn’t anyone being held accountable for that?”

If we can get ourselves past the macro view of accountability and focus on the micro view, meaning our own personal accountability, then we will be able to accomplish more, feel better about what we achieve, and put some of the enjoyment back in our lives. The enjoyment may have been lost while we were too busy concentrating on what others are “not” doing.

Over the years I have developed a huge sense of appreciation for accountability.

I have also embraced the idea of accountability partners. I would like to share five of my accountability partners with you. These are people in my life who have absolutely helped me achieve success in many areas where I am always seeking improvement.

My fitness accountability partner happens to be my wife, Kim. She holds me accountable for many other things, too. We are accountability partners for each other when it comes to what we eat, how much water we drink and making sure that we get our workouts in each day. The gains that we have both seen in the past few months have been incredible…

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