This is the Year of Unbreakable Resolutions

With the new year come New Year’s resolutions. Making resolutions and sharing them with others can be motivating and fun. I mean who among us doesn’t want to make some kind of change or improvement in our faith, family time, connection with friends, our fitness or our finances?

Others of us prefer not to get wrapped up in any kind of New Year’s resolutions. And I find that those of us who steer clear of making any resolutions generally do so for a couple of reasons. The first may have to do with a history or track record of not sticking to it or not following through long enough to experience any change or discernible improvement. The second is that we don’t view them as resolutions, and instead we see them as new goals.

Resolutions alone are never resolute, are they?

Not unless we make them unbreakable resolutions, founded upon our commitment to change. It’s when we are so convicted in the change we want to see or growth we would like to experience that our resolutions and goals become unbreakable. Sometimes our resolutions sound so good as we first conceive them, and even speak them out loud to others. However, if we know in our hearts and minds that they are tentative at best, we quickly try and figure out how we can walk back our thoughts and verbal commitments before anyone starts holding us accountable for living up to what we said we would do…

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