When we Find the Zone, we Find Success

“Play ball!” As Major League Baseball celebrates another opening day this week, there will be 15 ceremonial first pitches and 15 official first pitches. Whether we are baseball fans or not, we all understand what the first pitch is and how we typically see a celebrity or local hero invited to throw that first ceremonial baseball before the game gets underway.

The pitcher of the home team will have the responsibility of throwing the first pitch to officially start the game. They have worked hard in the offseason and spring training. And they have studied their opponent’s lineup, coming up with a game plan with their coaches and catcher to determine which pitch to throw to each batter and in each situation.

However, the first thing they must do is get that first pitch in play as adrenaline and anxiousness compete for the athlete’s mindset and physicality.

Odds are strongly in the pitcher’s favor that the first pitch of the season will not be a home run. Their primary goal is to toss a strike or put the ball in play for an easy out. Early confidence builders are always helpful in any sport, and in anything we are doing in life.

Now let’s think about the other side of this…

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