Alon Zaibert

Alon Zaibert is a relationship-driven sales executive and a keynote speaker who successfully harnesses his energetic personality and interpersonal psychology skills.

Along with a track record of significant bottom-line results and decades of management experience, Alon has earned the reputation of a highly impactful motivational leader. 

His passions for inspiring people, establishing processes, and building authentic business relationships are truly unique.

Tapping into his infectious energy and positive attitude, Alon teaches his clients to find their own power.

Alon’s gift of storytelling is evident in his popular blog, “Two Weeks’ Notice – A Touch of Emotional Relevance Every Couple of Weeks,” where he brings to life examples of relationship building and Emotional Relevance™. 

After many years of studying American culture, Alon has learned to view the nuances of his teachings through intercultural and interpersonal perspectives.

He’s a multifaceted talent who loves engaging an audience with his singing and was once a professional basketball player overseas.