Lisa Marie David

Lisa Marie David is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Her passion and mission are to bring the Ziglar life-changing, principal-based training programs to organizations looking to produce long-term, voluntary change in the attitudes and behavior of the team members.

Lisa is one of only 300 Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers in the world.

She carries on the Ziglar legacy by using her certification to help companies and individuals in the areas of personal growth and development, building winning relationships, and leadership skills for success.

Recently, Lisa earned her Virtual Presenter Certification with eSpeakers and has been hosting on-line events empowering individuals and teams to go to the next level of performance using the Ziglar principles of success.

She has been in the field of training since the early ‘90s when she started with the Dale Carnegie organization and all throughout her career in corporate America.

Lisa completed her degree at the University of Memphis with a BS in Marketing. She is also a graduate of the Cathcart Institute in Relationship Intelligence.

Lisa enjoys boating, biking, and her beloved dog Bailey!