Michael Altshuler

For over 2 decades I’ve been fortunate to have been able to help countless individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough results both personally & professionally. Being a nationally recognized expert on Peak Performance, Sales, and, Career Coaching is nice, but helping my clients accelerate and maximize their success and live better, richer, and more fulfilled lives — that’s what it’s all about!

Whether it’s helping my clients take their business to the next level, or, helping an individual get the job of his/her dreams (fast), be assured that when you work with me, you’ll get tried and proven strategies, principles and practices that flat-out work! Here are a few companies that have put my 30+ years experience of delivering extraordinary results into practice: Aflac, Primerica, Marriott & many more.

I’ve worked as a cook, busboy, shoe salesman, and CEO. I’ve had my share of setbacks, as well as, achievements. I’ve made millions and lost millions. And, have had a failed marriage. It’s those experiences that shaped who I am and how I help my clients transform and achieve more.

And some of those experiences are pretty legendary. Whether it’s my stint on the hit TV Show American Gladiators, the millions I sold to the Trump Organization, or how I took on the giant Xerox corporation and kicked their butt, my clients can count on my message being real, relevant & relatable…always moving the needle in performance!