VisualizeROI disrupts the traditional sales process by enabling account executives to quantify and communicate value at every stage of the sales and customer retention cycles:

Lead Generation – Prospective customers research your solution online, understand your product’s value in quantifiable terms through an engaging, interactive app, and provide contact information to learn more

Appointment Setup – Business development representatives qualify prospects (by identifying and quantifying pain points through public and non-public information) and quickly generate back of the envelope savings statements to send with calendar invites (improving meeting attendance)

Needs Analysis / Value Proposition Sales reps collaborate with prospects to identify and size current pain points, then communicate realistic savings estimates to maintain pricing, or create a budget against the cost of doing nothing

Pipeline Validation – Sales leaders validate forecasts, providing weight to opportunities with the highest mutually agreed upon ROI and value

Close Faster – Reps drive urgency walking through mutual close plans with decision-makers using the shared value model, graphically simplified and presented

Renewal – Customer success managers automate the creation of quarterly business reviews to capture the actual realized value and to present continuous progress towards targeted goals compared to the baseline (established during the sales process), avoiding customer churn