These are the Times to Remember

There are certainly plenty of reasons for us to want 2020 to be a distant memory. The pandemic, the heartache of lives lost, the impact it had on our family and friends who suffered and recovered, and the economic burden and stress the pandemic created for so many individuals and businesses.

Layer on top of the pandemic the social unrest gripping our country, a very heated and contentious election year, one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record that left a wake of devastation, and hundreds of wildfires that burned out of control bringing more death and destruction.

It’s no wonder why many are hoping Jan. 1, 2021, gets here sooner rather than later.

There were some very real and horrific events that took place this year. The losses, hurt, damage, chaos, and confusion. Each one has been unnerving and unsettling, to say the least. And as with any event or season of life, the hope is that we will take something away from the experiences, even the pain. That we will learn from the failures and the mistakes that we made along the way. That we will not only learn, but that we will make the changes and adjustments that will bring lasting change, greater opportunities, a sense of calm, healing and hope, and a kinder society.

As I was taking a drive this past weekend, I heard Billy Joel’s song, “This is the Time.” As I reflected on the song lyrics, I thought, “Why is this the time to remember?”

Then my thinking shifted.

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  1. Scott Watson on October 23, 2020 at 8:20 pm

    Hey Michael- I just discovered the Tramazing Blog after you reached out via LinkedIn. Wow. This is a river of uplifting and encouraging insight. I’ve bookmarked the page and plan to visit here regularly for a fresh dose of energy. Plus, I’m a Billy Joel fan from my days of being a DJ at a Top 40 station to put myself through college (that’s where I met my wife, too). Yes, 2020 has been hard. It has changed me. Maybe I’ve even grown in some ways that never would have been possible if it had been smooth sailing. Thanks!